Free Isometric Graph Paper

I recently discovered there is such a thing as isometric graph paper and can think of lots of artisitic things I’d like to do with it. So I bought a sketch book of it and straight away felt limited by the binding of the book in relation to being able to put the paper flat and rotate it to draw the lines I wanted.

Then it occurred to me that the way would be to print the pattern on to plain paper and for a brief moment I was thinking how to do it using code or something and then thought, WAIT A MINUTE, I’ll be able to download it from somewhere no doubt.

Yes I can… from here:

And then you find there are so many other possible papers that you can download…

Actually those start to be the Altaire Designs that I coloured in as a child (and adult). The downside is that they are all PDFs for letter size paper so when printing on A4 have to be careful not to stretch them out of shape. Make sure fit to page is not selected.

Polar Graph Log 3 Decades (whatever that means!)

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