Notes: Free Text Editors

Keep trying to make time to study but it is not happening so far – partial reason getting too distracted with other things. Must stay off facebook!!

Just time to write some notes of text editors as Windows alternatives to text wrangler. These are from a message in the forums.

Additions from Comments here and in the Forum

Other Editors to Note

I haven’t tried these out just mentioning for completeness
Komodo Edit – This is an online coding platform. There is a free plan and then scaling up prices for more powerful versions, so that you can upgrade as you develop a freelance career. It is a platform for developing your code and for sharing it, but also has FTP functionality.

Post updated 3 June 2015

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  1. Eva-Lynne says:

    I absolutely love HTMLKIT and have been using it for almost as long as it’s been available (~10 years). There is both a commercial product one can purchase and the original Build 292 free version. I have used both and prefer the free version, personally.
    YMMV. Great resource, here, Karen. Thanks for compiling and publishing it!

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