Web surfing: programming symmetry tiling processing

Finding Mark Jason Dominus (from previous post) on Twitter led me to…

http://math.stackexchange.com/ – Anyone can ask a question, anyone can answer a question – both the questions and answers look like a foreign language to me.

Searched for ‘symmetry’ led me to…

Penrose tiling, named after mathematician and physicist Roger Penrose, who investigated these sets in the 1970s… see Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penrose_tiling

There are 3 types:

  1. The original pentagonal Penrose tiling (P1)
  2. Kite and dart tiling (P2)
  3. Rhombus tiling (P3)

I think it would take serious processing skill to code this (example floor from Oxford University).

Penrose tiling Oxford

Further searches on math.stackexchange.com didn’t give me anything more useful. So back to google “programming symmetry tiling processing”…

Computational Art: Lectures – Symmetry Groups – worth a more detailed look. Has a list of websites that explain and give examples of symmetries.

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