Where did my course goals go?

There was a great box on the course dashboard that you could put in your personal goals at the beginning and then check off your progress. It has disappeared in a site redesign. I contacted the Udemy help desk about it and they replied “The course goals section was a test only in Rob Percival’s course and has not yet been released to the broader site. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

I can’t completely remember what goals I set myself but in broad terms this is what they were:

  1. Understand CSS better (so that I can confidently edit on sites that I am in control of and also alter style of sites I look at regularly using userstyles.org plugin).
  2. Get a basic understanding of how to make Apps
  3. Get a basic understand of how to use APIs
  4. Gain enough to be confident in making self hosted wordpress sites for people

Question on my mind

Is there an app or site where you can put in goals and monitor your progress against them? Bound to be.

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