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This is a page for me to record the plugins I have installed on this site in addition to those recommended as part of the theme.

06/04/2015 Kento Post View Counter – seems to do what I want. Will leave it running for a while to see how it works out. I didn’t need to manually install just add new plugin and search from there.

20/03/2015 Link Library – allows me to save and categorise links and to display in categorised widgets. Think this is the same plugin used on wordpress.com. It has a lot more scope to it but I am only using it for keeping useful links in some grouping. Also I alway have links to other sites open in another tab. You can add a description which shows up on hover.

08/04/2015 Code Markup – allows you to put in code and it not be read as code – so you can write about code. You need to include it in <pre><code></code></pre> to preserve spacing too. I read about it here but I haven’t turned off the Visual tab as suggested as I only want to occasionally write code (I think). DELETED THIS – DIDN’T LIKE FORMATTING.

08/04/2015 WP Code Highlight – only need to enclose in pre and has a CSS file with several options for formatting the code separately.

Updated 02/07/2015 (not when all below were installed just haven’t been keeping up to date)

Contact Form 7 – not actually using it yet on here. I have it just to be able to add a contact me page with name, email and comment, but I recently watched a lecture that showed how contact forms could be used for more to gather data as an online questionnaire – so that is worth thinking about. certainly can be used for a mini poll in a text widget. Need to think about how you link it in to a database/spreadsheet though for analysis of the data. The lecture I saw was using gravity forms which is a premium plugin ($39 at time of writing). This was integrated with AWebber (an Opt-In Email marketing service with monthly subscription starting at $19).

Jetpack by WordPress.com – has lots of features, BUT requires you to connect to a WordPress.com account for it to work. It comes as part of the initial install package. I feel a bit dubious about that. I have it on at the moment on this blog, but I think I’d prefer to find the ways of doing the same things without using it. I feel that there is some sneaky data gathering and force dependency occurring. What I am not clear about is if it is connected to your WordPress.com account do blog posts automatically get added to the ‘freshly pressed’ page, and so does that potentially give a wider audience for posts? I really enabled it for the stats and the gallery option. Longer blog post here: http://wibbi.uk/jetpack-plugin/ There is a useful list of plugins to get jetpack functionality without using Jetpack here http://wptavern.com/15-plugins-to-get-jetpack-functionality-without-using-jetpack or a lot of the features are available without connecting to WordPress.com in the Slim Jetpack plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/slimjetpack/).

Regenerative Thumbnails – not sure why I installed this.

Responsive Lightbox – installed for better gallery experience

WP-PageNavi – have no recollection of installing this, or why, wonder if it came as part of the Hueman template?

The following plugins come as part of the basic install of WordPress but not activated:

10/07/2015 Editorial Calendar – very good if you are going to take regular posting seriously. Adds a calendar item to the posts menu and that shows all scheduled posts on a calendar page with a column for unscheduled drafts. You can edit the posts in that view and move them around to different dates. I found it on blog post about ‘must have plugins’.

23/07/2015 Quick Featured Images – I have blogged about this one here. It allows you to set default image to use for post types if there is no image in the post or to use the first image in the post if there is one as the feature image.

I think I have added other plugins and not recorded them – need to check!

03/05/2016 Cookie Law Info – installed after seeing it on someone else’s site only they hadn’t linked the ‘read more’ to a policy page. I looked around at various policy pages on other sites and adapted for my own use here. Customised with site colours. More info on their site.

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