Monthly Archive: April 2015

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Other people’s landing page bootstrap projects

These are links to bootstrap projects from other people doing the course. This list is those that I have spotted in comments. If I see more I will add to this list.


Google changing algorithms for mobile phone searches

I read an article today (dated 21 April) that mentions changes to the Google algorithms. ‘The change is only taking place on Google searches made on smartphones. The results will favor websites deemed “mobile...

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Bootstrap project continued

Today I worked out how to make the icons look more like the site I am trying to copy, making them overlap the boxes below then with a margin between. The ‘margin’ is actually...

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Dragged along by the Bootstrap

For my Bootstrap project, I’ve decided to try and do a revamp of a website of some people I know, with the view that if I manage to do it well I would offer...


MIT App Inventor 2

I am curious to create a multiple choice quiz app and it occurred to me to search for some video tutorials on how to code using the things I have learnt so far. Two...