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After looking at many many themes I have decided to go with the Bloggr free theme for the website of a quirky art gallery/artist’s studio that I am working on. The site was already set up on and was using a linear blog style theme (Flounder) with a different look for post formats. I haven’t got the terminology for that quite right in the page for the theme it says it “features colorful support for post formats”.

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Available to download from
Not only does the theme look good and have a lot of ways to customise, but the documentation instructions from the providers seems clear and you can buy support options for a month, 3 months, and a year.

There doesn’t seem to be any way of contacting to report bugs them without paying for the support. It seems to me that there is a bug with the search feature, but I have managed to fix it using the Simple Custom CSS plugin.

This is what the home page I've done looks like - a lot different to the images from the theme site.

This is what the home page I’ve done looks like – a lot different to the images from the theme site.

There is a home page section that has Newest Stories, Trending Stories and Featured Stories. You can change the icons for these sections. You can hide the sections. I haven’t yet found how you populate them. I wonder if these relate to the static home page rather than a posts page.

For the techies: “bloggr is built with Underscores, (C) 2012-2014 Automattic, Inc. and includes Simple Grid ( by ThisisDallas, Custom Meta Boxes by WebDevStudio, Category Posts Widget by Mrinal Kanti Roye ( and Font Awesome ( by Dave Gandy.”

The themes I dismissed

Before I picked Bloggr these are all the other themes I looked at in the live preview. It doesn’t always give a true picture but it does allow you to see the customising options and put in a background image form the media you already have to see how that looks and play with colours to see if that makes a difference.

Pisces – I actually like the overall styling of this theme better but I couldn’t see a way of it having a widget sidebar that I do want, not widgets at the bottom. And I particularly dislike the way the search opens a box that would be fine on a mobile device but is far too big for a desktop. Probably fixable with tweaking but it made me decide against it this time around.

Visual – didn’t like the way the titles wrapped cutting off letters rather than taking the word to the next line and had no widgets sidebar.

Pinpress – would involve too much work to get it how I want

PR News – would involve too much work to get it how I want

Fluxipress – didn’t look good in live preview with own content

Birdflat – had potential once I found out where to change the colours, but would have required some fiddling and maybe a plugin to make videos display on the posts homepage (they were just showing as links in the live preview). Also on a post page the widgets had a transparent background so didn’t show up over a image background. Something also had changed in the preview by the time I had looked at this (not sure how that works) and it was only showing in one column rather than the 3 columns I was interested in but I think that was to do with the preview since when I went back to the Bloggr them it also looked like that but was in 3 column format when I actually activated it.

Themolio – I didn’t even try as it is an old theme and wasn’t sure if it would work.

MaryAnne – really needs feature images to look good and videos were just coming out as links

Fukasawa – appeared to only be a single column for the posts but that was perhaps the live preview issue mentioned with Birdflat. Also did seem to need to have feature images to look good – I would still like to do a site with this theme though as I think it is very cool.

Seiryuu – fine if you want blue. Didn’t seem to be a way to change the colours easily so dismissed it very quickly. Although maybe I need to revisit this option sometime because with the Simple Custom CSS plugin then could perhaps the colours could be changed

YS Magazine – can’t remember now why I dismissed this one, didn’t write any notes

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