So many courses to study, so little time!

This is a quick review of the courses that I’m part way through and hoping to get through soon. I suspect though that I need to finish some off before starting any new ones. They do all fit together in a complementary fashion, so the diversions have either filled in some gaps or expanded my enthusiasm. It is easy to slip into over commitment though.

The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites (Udemy)
This course has no time frame. I started it in March 2015 and I started this blog soon after. I’ve completed sections 1 to 6 and dipped into the other sections. 2 of the incomplete sections are PHP and MySQL which I have studied before. I would like to come back and go through those as a refresher, but it is not a priority to me at the moment. Section 9 APIs, I have watched all of the videos, but only watched not worked through, I need to go back and watch them again and really work through examples of my own at some point. Section 10 is Mobile Apps and I had a look at some of the videos, but I am not ready to focus on apps yet, I wanted to embed some other things first.

Creative Coding (FutureLearn)
I have completed a lot of the course and have covered it here on this blog but I would like to go back and get to grips with using images and noise and the animation effects. I’d also like to go back and read up more about some of the artists that were mentioned on that course. The thing is that there is a lot to learn in processing. So it is not really that I haven’t finished the course, it is that to become proficient in using processing takes a lot more practice… which I do hope to do.

Learning How to Learn (Coursera)
I’m confused about the dates for this one because I thought it was a course that you could start any time but it seems to say the next/current presentation is 5 October – 9 November. I think anyone who is doing any kind of studying, or wants to improve their memory, should do this course. It is very informative and mostly well presented.

Programming for Everyone (Getting Started With Python) (Coursera)
I am a bit confused with the dates for this one as it seems to state that the next presentation of the course is 27 October to 21 December, but I have already started on it and this is week 4. On my list it says the last assignment is due 2 November. I still need to install Python, which is a job for tomorrow. I downloaded the first 4 weeks worth of video lectures onto my Android tablet and watched them on a fairly long train journey.

I learnt today that Python was named after the Monty Python Flying Circus.

Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game (FutureLearn)
Starts next week, 12 October, lasts 7 weeks and is 4 hours per week study time. Think I won’t be ready to start it then, but as I am enrolled that gives access to the material to come back to. This course is using Android Studio which I have already installed on my laptop but haven’t really got to grips with as a development environment. I am hoping doing several different courses that cover this will help it make more sense to me. There was a month to go email that had a quiz to see if you are ready to do programming. And in the week to go email there is a test tool to see if your computer is powerful enough to run the studio.

Learn to Code for Data Analysis (FutureLearn)
Starts 26 October, last for 4 weeks and is 4 hours per week study time. Hopefully the Programming for Everyone course will give me a head start on this rather than it being to onerous. The 4 weeks to go email arrived a few days ago and says:

You will learn how to use Python and its scientific libraries to access open data and clean, visualise and analyse it. Along the way you will learn how to write up your work with the Jupyter notebooks platform, and share your work privately or publicly.


Code 101x: Think Create Code (edX)
As this one is a self-paced course that doesn’t officially close until 31 March 2016, thought I would sign up. It is covering the early stages of Processing but the javascript version and so I think another perspective will be useful to keep the ideas flowing with that. When oh when will I fit it all in though???

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