Dot Circles: Inspiration and Influences

It seems to me for creative coding to be an artistic practice rather than just about mathematical modelling, there needs to be some reference to things that have gone before and building on artistic ideas and influences.

I woke in the night and wrote down 3 coding ideas that I want to explore and develop. One is making dot circles. I found 2 useful references for the coding side:

I still haven’t properly got my head around coding the geometry of circles and I need to watch the superb Channel 9 tutorial again, Trigonometry for Designers (Don’t Panic). As an aside it is very disappointing that my brain is not grasping these things fully that once (OK around 35 years ago) were simple and obvious to me.

Things I have seen that are influencing me

Elspeth McLean

Kyle Michelsen

Playing with dots 163… #kyleplayingwithdots #abstract #abstractart #meditation 😎💜🙏🏻

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Yayoi Kusama

Image from

Suzan Drummen

Suzan Drummen installation

(See also

Other influences not embedding:
Sharon Cummings

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