#KaleidoSaturday is Four Years Old

Digital Image by Karen Cropper using Kaleider

Happy Birthday KaleidoSaturday

Today is the 4th anniversary of setting up the Twitter account for #KaleidoSaturday (https://twitter.com/kaleidosaturday). As it is a weekly event, we will be celebrating 4 years on Saturday 21st July. And that will be the 208th KaleidoSaturday.

Images that are tweeted on the @KaleidoSaturday twitter feed can also be viewed conveniently on https://wibbi.uk/juicer/ and https://www.juicer.io/kaleidosaturday

I can’t remember what I was thinking when I started KaleidoSaturday. There was an element of just experimenting with a hashtag. Could I get people to engage with it? Could I learn the ins and outs of running a regular hashtag on Twitter? But also I wanted to do something about sharing images and connecting with other people who liked the same kind of thing, just for the sake of it, not for fame or fortune, just for the joy of it. I find it very pleasant to make and look at symmetrical images and I thought I cannot be alone in this.

Looking back

I have been attracted to patterns and symmetry all my life. And I have been playing round with editing digital images since I first had access to a digital camera. When was that? I’m thinking early 2000s, but I really started when I had access to more advanced technology around 2009/10.

Images in this flickr folder are from April 2011. At that time I had a Macbook Pro from work and were made with something I think was already loaded on it – can’t actually remember what it was.

This flickr set from May 2012 are all from an image I made on an iPad then using Kaleidoscope Kreator 3, which is a Windows Desktop programme. I was very fortunate in 2010 to be given one of the first generation iPads at work to play with and see what it could do. There was a period of about 6 months when I would be out and about in pubs, on trains, in coffee shops where it was still a novelty, and complete strangers would start up conversations about it wanting to have a look and have a go. “Is that one of those iPad things? Can I have a look?”. But I finished that job in April 2012, so then I had much more time to play, but didn’t have the iPad anymore.

I then found there were apps that I could use on my Android phone to make images. For a long time I was playing with Picasso Kaleidoscope Draw. Some examples of that in this flickr album


I think I will end there on this trip down memory lane.

Other Kaleidoscopers

I try to remember to add new people to this list of participants when they post for the first time with the hashtag:
But there are definitely some missing. Maybe it will be up to date by the time you read this. I must give a mention to some of the people who have been along for this ride, if not from the very beginning, then for as long as I can remember, and a few newer people who are catching up with the number of images they are contributing – Sequin World (@ann_sequinworld), BBQSHOES (@bbqshoes), Marc Eddy (@MarcEddy17), Standa1one (@Standa1one1), Carrie Dennison (@dendryad), Karen Gadient (@keyrover), Michal Huller (@hullerm), Daisy (@_bybeat_), Sonia Di Marco (@Vestini4), Crystal A Murray (@CrystalWriter), Kevin L Brooks (@kevinlbrx_ilr), Spherical Art (@spherical_art), Ron Davidson (@RonzHobbies), Isobel Freeman (@SocialistGreen), Hailey Winstone (@Lady_Hazy), Becky Titus (@PrismaLightArt), Ami Leone (@akamileone), Dallas Price Graphic Design (@DallasRoyPrice), Daniel Teafoe (@DanielTeafoe), Luis Candia (@luisao82), zizzybob (@zizzybob). Apologies to anyone I have left out. I love you all.

There is nothing automated about the account as I think looking at other people’s work is part of the fun of it and liking and retweeting. Occasionally I have lined up some posts using Tweetdeck when I know I am going to be busy on Saturday. But to be honest I am not usually that organised and have been known to forget altogether that it is Saturday and what that means. I am very grateful that now Ann (@ann_sequinworld) has agreed to cohost and lighten my load.

Also on Instagram

I run the hashtag on Twitter, but there is a cross over to instagram as well. I post a smaller selection of images there and sometimes use the #KaleidoSaturday hashtag as do others. Now you can follow hashtags on your feed too. #KaleidoSaturday

Apps I find useful

Here is a list of apps that I use to make my kaleidoscope/symmetry images and to enhance them, in case you would like to have a go.



If you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comments below and I will try and update this post. And if you like symmetry and patterns please join in with us on Twitter. Just tag your images #KaleidoSaturday.

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