Progress with Python

Today I:

  • Watched week 6 – Chapter 4 video of Python course, which covered functions. I thought it was week 4 when I watched it, and had the feeling I had missed some lectures out turns out I had. I did the quiz and got 9/10.
  • Looked at some art made from processing on Tumblr.
  • Came across another Processing course via a post on Facebook and signed up to it, and had a look around. Added this to the post on courses that I have enrolled on.
  • Went through all of week 4 of Python course covering Expressions and Types (although realised had already watched the first video earlier in the week when I was on a train). I quiz 10/10 and 2 assignments completed correctly.
  • Watched week 5 video Conditional Statements Lectures 3.1 and 3.2. Things I note are:
    1. Comparison operators in Python are the same as in Processing.
    2. Indentation is very significant and means something in Python. Indentation defines blocks of code. I checked the settings in Notepad++ were replacing tabs for spaces as suggested.
    3. elif is a new reserved word to me – a combination of else and if.
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