Using Easy Google Fonts Plugin

I’ve just installed Easy Google Fonts Plugin on one of my WordPress websites and felt I’d better write about it, because I installed it on another site previously and now I can’t remember the details. No doubt that will happen again at some time in the future.

The Plugin

This plugin gives an option in the Customising screen where you can select default typography for the site – define the font (and size and colour) for paragraphs, heading 1, heading 2, etc. Also you can define custom font controls for specific elements of your theme. I have used these, but I can’t now remember how.

Getting a Google API

You need a Google Fonts API Key to enable automatic fonts update.

I find I do this so rarely that I forget each time how to go about it so I am writing this as a post.

You need to be logged on to your Google Account.

To get a key see:

From there you can click on get API button and create a new project – name it, get the key. Or if you have made a key previously for the same project and just need it again then you can find it here.

Google APIs are managed through your Credentials Page:

There you can restrict the key to specific websites, IP addresses, Android apps, iOS apps. In my case I wanted to restrict to a particular website.

Note: It may take up to 5 minutes for settings to take effect. Follow the example to use asterisks for wildcards.

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