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Where have I been surfing lately?

I spend a lot of time hopping from one interesting thing to another online and wonder how much of these fleeting things stick in my mind. In particular these are visual surfing trips, finding new artists and works that I like and that fit with my overall aesthetic. I like to think that it all adds flavours and seasoning to my overall direction in the end. However a negative effect is it adds to my feeling of being swamped and overloaded, and it being impossible to find anything that is my own unique style. It sucks my time and puts me off making my own art.

There is also a bugbear I have that people share stuff without proper attribution or links back to the original source. For me that is disrespectful, but also makes the sharing so ephemeral. I don’t know why I’m so deluded to think it should be anything but ephemeral, but I do desire that. I want people to be making proper connections and threads that lead back to the source.

Yet I know I don’t have enough time or enthusiasm to record all of my connections, thoughts and influences, so why would anyone else? Today I thought I would record a few things that have crossed my path lately.

Emma Kunz

A few weeks ago I came across the work of Emma Kunz. I mentioned this elsewhere (on 11th Oct 2017). This is one of her pieces, not the best I have found, but one I can embed. If the embed stops working it is from a page on the Museum of the Golden Ratio (

Drawing by Emma Kunz from

Already as writing that I am tempted to be diverted into the golden ratio direction, which I was at the time when I looked also about Emma Kunz. I have resisted!

“Emma Kunz lived from 1892 to 1963 in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. In her lifetime she was recognized as a healer; she herself described herself as a researcher. Now she has acquired an international reputation through her artistic work.” Read more on the Emma Kunz Centre website

“The Emma Kunz Centre is situated at the source of AION A, in the Roman Quarries of Würenlos. It was founded in 1986 by Anton C Meier in order to preserve the findings of Emma Kunz, the results of her research and the collection of her works of art for posterity.”

There is a permanent display of her work at the Museum that opened in 1991. She drew by hand on large sheets of graph paper and spent many hours on each drawing in one long stretch.

“Each color and each shape had for Emma Kunz a precise meaning in her understanding of the world. The pictures served for her as an answer to her quest for understanding.” (From

There are posters available and a book in English that costs £83 at current exchange rates plus delivery. That is far too expensive for me. It would, though, be cheaper than travelling to Emma Kunz Zentrum, Steinbruchstrasse 5, CH-5436 Würenlos in the North of Switzerland, about 20 minutes drive in a North West direction from the centre of Zurich, according to Google maps.

Cover image of book out of print

I can’t quite remember how I came across Emma Kunz. It was possibly through association with Hilma Af Klint and Agnes Martin. There is a publication grouping them together with a collection of their work. That is out of print and hard to get hold of. 3x Abstraction: New Methods of Drawing by Hilma Af Klint, Emma Kunz and Agnes Martin by Catherine De Zegher 2005 ISBN: 9780300108262 ( Initial search suggests I cannot have a look at it through Manchester City Library.

But I may have first come across her via Twitter. This is the first retweet of Emma Kunz’s work that I have in my timeline:

Other Artists Via Twitter

Here are a few other artists that I have come across through Twitter whose work has some element of geometry that appeals to me.

Maria Linares Freire


Example work by Maria Linares Freire from

Ricardo Fernández Smith

Art for sale at:

The above image is really worth a closer magnified look for the detail in it at

Too late I got side-tracked

In the process of writing this post and looking for the links to add here are other things that distracted me to come back to another time. The tweet below was what first led me to Linares Freire:

I put the image into Google images search ( and that led me to this page (as being the only non-pinterest link) which clearly is the source:

That in turn led me to Enrst Haeckel 1899-1904

Then these links that are all the same person, who is behind

No time left to go down that rabbit hole. One for another time!

Feature Image Credits

Feature image for this post digital pattern made with Kaleidoscope Lime Pro app. My own work. kaleidoscopeLime-20161001-174459.jpeg copyright Karen Cropper.

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