Updating to WordPress 4.3

I’ve updated a couple of websites that I am responsible for to WordPress 4.3 today (including this one). What’s new in WordPress 4.3? Well there’s no point in me going over ground that others have done better. Here’s the official video:

I was wondering what all the keyboard shortcuts are that are mentioned in the video. Shortcuts like that are only a time saver if you have the time to learn them, and if you are doing tasks repeatedly. I was wanting a list to see what they all are. I tried googling and didn’t find a nice easy reference. But to look them up as you go along, click on the question mark in the Visual editing window (see image below). I think, by the way, that they don’t work in the text editing window (that I tend to use if I am including any coding). But I will see if I can get the hang of them.


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