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Screen grab of Juicer WordPress plugin in action

Introducing Juicer WordPress Plugin

The Juicer WordPress plugin is a way to present one particular social medial feed or an aggregation of many. It is more substantial than a widget. You can  present the feed as a post or a page by adding a shortcode.

To make this WordPress plugin work you need a Juicer account. The free option allows you to pull in posts from 2 source accounts or hashtags and create 1 embeddable social media feed that updates once in a 24 hour period.

The 2 paid options are currently $19/month and $99/month that removes the juicer branding adverts and increase your options and frequency of updates. (Check their website for up-to-date pricing and what is included https://www.juicer.io/about#pricing).

All of the usual suspects are included in the social media feeds that you can select from, and also a few you might not have thought of.

How well does it work?

The Juicer service gives you 4 options for embedding your feed onto a website:

  • Standard website – javascript code to copy and paste
  • WordPress – install the plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/juicer/ then use a shortcode
  • Shopify – connect to your accounts
  • iframe – iframe code to copy and paste

I have added a demo page (http://wibbi.uk/juicer/) using the feed from one of my Twitter accounts @KaleidoSaturday. I could have used the hashtag #KaleidoSaturday, but I wanted it to be a curated feed which is what I do for that twitter account, retweeting other things that fit the theme but haven’t had the hashtag added.

The look can be customised. There are several different themes and you can choose how many columns. I like that the theme I have selected (‘modern’) shows the picture and the text with live links. I think this is a nicer way to view image tweets than in the linear format on Twitter. It looks quite a lot like Pinterest or some Tumblr themes.

One thing that I think is missing is that on Twitter you can add more than one image, but Juicer is only showing the one image and when you click on an item and it expands in a pop up/lightbox, there is still only one image. The only way to see all of the images in a multi-image tweet is to go to the source tweet. But that is a minor issue.

Another downside is just the one refresh a day. However, as already mentioned, if you want more than that you can pay.

A plus is that if you were to use hashtags for the feed, there is the option to remove any items that you don’t want to appear. This would be very useful if you were using this service at an event to live feed.

Summing up

Overall I think this is a useful service and plugin. The free option is adequate for a personal project. The paid option is worth considering if you have the funds available

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