Wouldn’t It Be Brilliant If… (WIBBI)

I have an idea to create a website where people post their ideas “Wouldn’t it be brilliant if…”

Other people on the site would ask questions, rate the merit of the idea, make suggestions about how to take the idea forward into practice or more importantly can indicate that this idea is already in practice and where.

The aim is to make connections between people with relevant skills and resources and people with good ideas, to ultimately make the ideas happen and the world a better place.

The aim is not for the people who have the ideas to patent them or have controlling ownership of the ideas, but by putting them on the site there is aspect of marking that they had the idea.

Really MY idea is “Wouldn’t it be brilliant if people would share ideas on how to make the world a better place and they could connect with people who could make those ideas happen“.

So this is the first post on my ideas site. I am studying a course to build up my web developer skills and so this is also my first post as a record of that course. It is also my first post on a website that I am building as part of that course.

More later.

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