inSite for WP: Personalization Made Easy

I did a new install of wordpress recently and noticed a new plugin came through as part of the bundle package that I haven’t seen before – inSite for WP: Personalization Made Easy

If you don’t have it already bundled, then you can download from here or search in the plugins within wordpress.

What is inSite?

A look at the plugin website ( is interesting. This is what it says “inSites are smart, personalized recipes that automatically CHANGE your website at predetermined TRIGGER points (such as time of day, visitor location, number of a visitor’s previous visits and more) to create a richer, more engaged and relevant visitor experience.”


I decided to try out a pop up window about cookies. First I needed a terms of use page, which I created here: Terms of Use. Theoretically a bar should have popped up when anyone in the UK looked at the home page of this site on any device. But I couldn’t tell or test if it was working? This was an issue for me, how to test it, as I have the location switched off on all of my devices, because I don’t want tracking. And I won’t be the only one, so there in lies an issue, that some people will have things switched off. And even if you do have location tracking on, what if you want the trigger to be location in a country that you are not in yourself?

I’m also not convinced that as a website user I actually want a personalised experience. In general, I land on a page and I want to read that page, I don’t want to have a pop up offering me a discount, trying to get me to sign up for a mailing list, bla de bla de bla. Marketers think we want these things, customers, I feel, probably don’t.

This plugin actually links to a service that you have to have an account with. The first time you try to create a ‘recipe’ you are asked to either login or set up an account. The service reminds me of There is a library of recipes that you can pick from as examples and you can then edit those or create your own from scratch.

I tried another recipe to put a firework overlay on my page based on a date. Couldn’t get that to work. So decided to scrap both those trials and do my own recipe from scratch, but I couldn’t get that to work either. By work I mean, when I cleared all of my cache and went to the home page of this site nothing happened.

Finally I went for something that was on all of the time for all people of a bar that says I have created a terms of use page – and that I can see. It will be on display until the end of July 2015. Can you see it? What do you think?


My verdict is that this is an interesting idea, but to be useful there has to be a more reassuring way of testing if it is working. The preview is not sufficient for me. Also there is quite a delay for the bar appearing, so I wonder if the plugin slows down the whole loading of the site.


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