Review of Hueman WordPress Theme

Overall review

Pros: Versatile responsive free theme with lots of customisable options. Highly recommend trying it out if you are learning and want a magazine style.
Cons: Minor niggle with format on very small devices (phone)
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

More information

I currently have the Hueman Theme installed on this blog, but I am planning to do some changes including changing theme, so I thought I would just record some thoughts about this theme by way of review, but also in case I choose to reinstall it later to remind myself where things are.

The theme page ( say that it is “A fully featured, responsive high resolution magazine & blog theme without compromise. Hueman presents what you love to write about in a visual & user-friendly way on all devices.”

It is a free theme and I think it has a lot going for it, but I also have some niggles.

screenshot of blog

Screenshot of this blog at time of writing at large format (laptop)

What I like

The right and left widget side bars don’t show on a tablet unless you click on the arrows, but when you do they have the full widgets as they do on the desktop version. I have put some screen shots below.

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It has a nice magazine style format, using the feature images well.

You can add your social media accounts to the top of the left widget side bar (change in the theme options, social links)

There are a number of theme options (a sub menu of Appearance):

  • General – includes switching off responsive layout and choosing to hide either or both side bars on smaller mobile devices (320px)
  • Blog – see later for more detail
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Layout
  • Sidebars
  • Social Links
  • Styling – lots of options here for changing colours and proportions that things are on the screen. There is even the option of adding image border radius.

In the blog section of theme options you can:

  • add optional heading
  • add optional subheading
  • alter the excerpt length
  • choose a featured category (if left blank all posts show else just the posts for the category you have selected)
  • Set featured post count from 1-10
  • Switch thumbnail placeholder on or off
  • Set how related posts are selected (by tag or category)
  • Set post navigation (if and where links to next and previous appear)

All this customisation makes this an attractive and versatile theme.

What I don’t like

I will place a caveat on this, in that I may not have fully investigated and some of my dislikes maybe because I haven’t tried to set up things in a different way.

I don’t like that on a very small screen (my mobile phone) there are no side bars, instead everything that is in the side bar appears below the other content in the order middle content, then left side bar, then right side bar. So it is a very very long scroll and with the number of posts showing and the number of widgets I have. I have added some phone screenshots below.

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How would I like it to be, though? Maybe an option to reduce the number of items for phone version? This does, however, highlight the crux of the problem with responsive design. One design doesn’t always look great on all devices even if responsive. I have seen advice saying design for the small screen and scale up is a better way to do things. So in my case, to use this theme well with a small screen, perhaps I should reduce the number and size of widgets in the side bars and the number of showing posts in the main area. This would reduce loading time as well.


From writing this post about the theme, I may go back and tweak it instead of changing it to see if I can get it more to an optimum of what I would like. All round though I think it is a good theme.

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